Thunderbolts cometh

So last night was my first time attending the Pitchfork Festival and my interest was purely in Bjork.

Unfortunately, about an hour into her performance, including “Thunderbolt” appropriately enough – they called the festival for the day because of an impending thunderstorm (which did break from the heavens minutes after we got on a bus). Bjork summoned the lightening and hence it came.

She was decked out in some weird head piece that was like an explosion between cellophane wands and Pinhead from Hellraiser:


While still promoting the mostly dull ‘Biophilia’ album with it’s lack of melodies and structure, the other songs were truly brought to life and I was very pleased with “Army of Me” and the new rendition of “One Day” from ‘Debut.’

The video below (from the previous Volta tour) just kind of shows you the energy/vibe she puts on when doing the bangers:


The choir she has support her is amazing.

For more pics & a recap of day 1 of Pitchfork, check out BrooklynVegan.




I like this picture. Probably the colors. Probably the sentiment. To me, it’s the epitome of breathing & silence and hearing your own pulse.

That’s where I’m at. Over the last few months I’ve steadily grown more equanimous about a lot of ‘issues’ that I had flagged in my life and labeled as ‘items to address/fix/correct/fill/tackle.’

It’s as if a lot of weight is lifted. A lot of worry is gone. A sense of peace and overall contentment is present because I’m easily seeing that there’s not much of a point to force your life to happen. Sure, you have to be proactive and put out the energy for things that you want, but not everything can be achieved through brute force of will.

There’s a bit of delicacy to be had with your self. Not coddling, but the ability to be self-nurturing enough to just stop pushing yourself and cracking the whip because you’re not moving, succeeding, growing, or learning fast enough. Time is slipping by and trying to rush through things only expedites your life. Some find this to be the way to live.

I do not. It’s not for me. I like the slowness of existence. And I like the process of nurturing and incubation and things growing in the time they need to. Again – it’s a lesson in being the gardener but knowing that while it’s ‘your’ garden, you have no idea what’s happening beneath the surface and what will sprout.

I’m turning a page in my book this year. The chase is done and the hamster wheel is coming to a standstill. I feel so good about so many things and I’m just  seeing my life as a bounty rather than a drought.

Tactile appreciation of my life. Tactile love for the people around. Simplicity and ease of all things. And really, really liking myself and being completely unapologetic of that and appreciating others who are as equally composed, self-aware, humble and unapologetic.

People there for one another when the going gets rough. That’s what it’s for. When it all counts.

Turning points. I just am sensing a lot of people are shifting. Things are shifting. It seems like it’s easier to ride these waves now. The chop is still rough, but we’re getting better at riding the waves for sure.


Just lean into the crack.


This has to be one of my favorite live DVDs of all time. It’s a delightful show performed in an opera house. Bjork is one of the few people left who I would pay top dollar to see. I feel she’s an experience.

I loved this song off Vespertine. And I enjoy the inuit choir she has backing her on this version. The song is simple and really pretty. And the words? Killer.