A night to never forget.


It was time. And we had a time. And maybe our time together is not yet done. But we’ll never know. We’re just going to keep living and let it all happen. And let the feelings we feel just be. With simple breathe and honesty and simplicity. And no further explanation to ourselves, each other or the rest of the world.

Two lovers locked out of love…

…I know you care.

And I told him everything I felt. And he did too. And we’re both at peace.



You shine it.


On Wednesday, the eve of my 28th birthday, I saw Ellie Goulding with my friends Shan and Jarod from Indianapolis and one of my besties Jonathan. It seems to be the bad luck of our clan or something, but she was under the weather and only played for an hour and I suspect that she was contractually obligated to do so because T-Mobile was broadcasting the show live across the web to the UK. While she was great, you could tell she was sick and not feeling it at all. But she still put on a great show and said she’d be back to do a proper one.

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