Daily gratitude


One of my endeavors in 2014 is to be more awake for the great things that are happening to me on a daily basis. To ensure I capture these moments and appreciate and reflect upon them, I’m keeping track of my daily gratitude.

Each day I’m writing down a moment/person/thing/whatever that I am thankful for, that I’m grateful for and that I appreciate. Once I write it down, I fold up the little piece of paper I’ve put it upon and throwing it into a vase.

The end goal of this is toward the end of 2014, I’ll be able to recall and go through these little moments that meant something to me in an effort to be more appreciative of the life I’ve lived and the people who influenced it, changed it, molded it, tore it up and helped nurture it.

So far things have been going swimmingly in the new year. Life is very good and I’m letting it all just proceed as it wants to, letting go more and being more organic and agile in my response to what life throws at me.

A gratitude list.

I was asked if I had ever made a gratitude list. Not to my knowledge. At times on this blog I’ll call out some things that I’m appreciative of and grateful for, but perhaps a laundry list is needed.


I am grateful for:

  • Loving parents who have never given up on me.
  • A mother who is a bad-ass and has taught me to be a fighter.
  • A father who passed along his charming and endearing qualities of big personality to me.
  • Finding people who get me, even when I don’t get myself, and remind me to never give up on me.
  • Having loved as much as I have thus far and having been loved in return.
  • The opportunities my education and career have presented to me; the people who took a chance on me.
  • The chance to breathe and grow.
  • The luxuries of time and space to think.
  • Peace of mind that comes with physical repetition and exertion.
  • Finding spirituality in my own way and feeling free to share that as I desire, or not.
  • The times I’ve cried my heart out.
  • The food in my belly and the roof over my head.
  • My job and the joy I find in going to work each day.
  • Coworkers who are inspiring and a joy to be with.
  • Conversations that push buttons, especially when they can push my own.
  • The chance to apply knowledge and see the change I want to be.
  • Those friends who will kick my ass as needed.
  • Children. Because they remind me to be a little more big-hearted when it comes to the world.
  • The materials to be expressive.
  • My apartment and it’s re-charging capabilities.
  • My duality.
  • Music. Music. Music. Music.
  • Curiosity and books and knowledge.
  • People who are less interested in self-awareness.
  • The ability to forgive myself, which has come to me only recently. And therein the ability to forgive others.
  • Myth and the lack of answers.
  • Therapy and my therapist for being a sounding board. And providing me a place of practice.
  • Magic.
  • Donuts and cookies and brownies and everything sweet.
  • The smell of freshly cut grass.
  • Vegetables that nurture me.
  • A comfortable and comforting bed.
  • Humor that has been given to me.
  • Simplicity and stability.
  • For my health and my body.
  • Empathy and emotional wisdom that’s always making me wake up.
  • Blazing hot 90 degree days at the beach.
  • Quiet, falling snow and the crunch of boots within it.
  • Awareness, especially of myself.
  • The vegetation in this concrete jungle that gives a reminder of the beauty within nature.
  • Death as a means to make important the value of living.
  • Froyo.
  • The ability to see windows opening when doors close.
  • The chance to sit here and type this and have technology readily accessible.
  • Clean water.
  • Shoes.
  • Oreo cookies.
  • Intelligent and artistic people surrounding.
  • Intellectualism.
  • Ice lattes.

What I want:

  • To be a better friend to my friends.
  • To be readily accessible.
  • To be free and open from all self-judging.
  • To value perspectives outside of myself as a method of learning my own way.
  • To learn how to sit quietly in listening mode.
  • Children, preferably two.
  • A husband who is caring, intelligent, funny, passionate and optimistically progressive.
  • A warm and inviting home.
  • To be more socially integrated and less inhibited in terms of new people.
  • To recognize the divine in every person and offer empathy and compassion to all.