A day for sweet hearts



I haven’t posted in a while. For good reason. I’ve become less interested in documentation and less concerned about overthinking/overanalyzing. Just living. Letting go. Being malleable, being present, being conscious.

This does sum it up:


I’m happy right now. Things are going swimmingly well on all fronts.

The unfinished story.

prekiss flickr olivia bee

I keep coming back to this song.

Something about this is a reminder that grudges are nothing but a waste of time and feeling. Also a flag that you will always have a new perspective on people, events, places as you get older. And I see how the things you carry begin to shift their place and weight within your being as you age. Pain lessons, love deepens, awareness widens.

Nothing is ever predictable. And you will always have a new perspective on love, whether new or old.

People have to go on journeys. Some journeys start alone. Sometimes they start with another person. Sometimes people only start journeys after they part ways from another. Despite the cause, the journey is necessary.

And you never get to go back to who you were before.

And the wisdom with age is that over time, you’re glad you won’t go back. Because what you went through gave you so much more.

Hell may be other people, but nothing enriches your experience more than the wisdom, approach, attitude and spirit of other people – no matter the length of time they spend with you in your own narrative.

Photo courtesy Oliva Bee/Flickr.

August already?

I cannot believe we’re in the second half of the year. Where has the time gone and where have I spent so much of it?

Thankfully after a delightful sushi kiki/catharsis yesterday with my pal @CMYKChicago, I wrote a “Dear John” letter that was a long time coming. And she had some great wisdom to impart upon me and to remind me that (as even Mr. Satre said earlier in the week, which makes me believe the universe is TRULY trying to slap some sense into me) things don’t always happen on my timetable.

So with more focus on surrender, and after yesterday’s video post – more smiling, I’m just going to enjoy my life for what it is right now and the fun I’m actually having vs being so focused on this tiny piece that I currently and indefinitely will have no control over. Might as well smile, have a cocktail and just dance, right?

I’m not going to apologize for who I am and how much of a romantic sap I can be and how I crave love, but I also know that I’m not the type to play the games.

Big project at work that’s coming up is pretty exciting. A first I think for all of us involved so I’m pretty proud and terrified and eager to have this under my belt and do it all again.

There are some gentlemen that I’m entertained by at the moment. And I’m not forcing myself to pick or commit or feel obligated. You know me…always rushing in to fall in love and be ready to settle down. So I’m taking some other advice and being a Carrie. And while I feel I know what that means, I have not watched Sex in The City but someone lent me the entire series so in my moments of singledom, I’ll be watching; taking notes and probably realizing how much my life is probably already mirroring the show.

Remember, the clock is ticking. And it’s not about cramming it all in, but it is about just reveling in the time I have and enjoying the flavors.


Sinful Summer awaits…

I cannot tell you how much I am anticipating the return of the Scissor Sisters. Invisible Light is the final track on their new album Night Work, due out June 28. It’s my theme for basically the next month. It’s dark, dirty, gritty, sexy and an anthem for night walkers. And then the new Kylie album will be coming out in July. Plus that Kelis dance album is coming.

Music, as always, is gonna save my life this summer.